The BRO Club - Your passport to the Green Metaverse: NFTs are limited & can be sold for profit, making the BRO Club a play-to-earn aspect of the Green Metaverse.
All in-game assets are NFTs: from the BROs themselves, which are an ERC-721 standard token, to collectibles, which are ERC-1155 standard tokens. All NFTs will be hosted on the Polygon network, making transactions fast & available, preparing the BRO Club for scaling. There are currently 777 BROs minted on the blockchain, with 300 currently in circulation. The current number of higher tier BROs will remain fixed, however Brokoli will progressively mint an excess of Common BROs as future generations, relative to the market need and in-world capacity at any given time. The inflation of these common BROs will drive their floor price down, making entry to the Green Metaverse financially accessible to all, whilst also retaining the value of existing BRO Club members with higher ranked BROs.
Staking Tiers for BRO Accessories: Users will have the ability to stake $BRKL by locking their tokens to receive xBRKL, which can then be used to claim accessories. Use accessories to both bling out and customise your bro, as well as tactically to give you an advantage in-game to yield higher rewards.