$SEED and NFTrees

Plant to Earn

The ultimate aim of our Green Metaverse is to incentivize people to go green whilst exploring everything Web3 has to offer. We are therefore rewarding newcomers to use our green defi products by offering income-earning opportunities.

Through using our various green defi products, such as our DEX Aggregator, users will earn our native ERC-20 $SEED token. Through our Climate Dashboard, users will be able to plant their $SEED in exchange for NFTrees (An ERC-721 native token). The value of $SEED will be set proportionally to the mint price of our TERRA assets. Once in their wallet, users will be able to sell NFTrees, either on our in-world NFT Marketplace or on a 3rd party marketplace. Or alternatively, they will be able to use it to help grow the value of their TERRA asset, should they hold one. NFTrees can be attached to a user’s TERRA smart contract, thereby growing a tree on it, which equates to more surface area to delegate, build commerce on, rent as green advertising space, or simply build and customise your own bespoke NFTreehouse. The more NFTrees you attach to your TERRA smart contract, the higher your tree will grow vertically, and the more earning potential you will have.

A user’s capacity to plant NFTrees will be limited depending on the amount of TERRA they hold. TERRA assets are not fixed to coordinates. This means that planting NFTrees, will be directly proportional to the value of your TERRA asset.

Using this system, we are able to keep our TERRA assets at a fixed supply, whilst incentivising use of our green defi products (which will be directly proportional to the appreciation of TERRA assets on the open market).

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