TERRA Assets

TERRA are digital pieces of real-estate in the Green Metaverse. Owners of TERRA can use the Brokoli SDK to build digital experiences and populate it with assets.

Each TERRA is a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) ERC-721 Token. TERRA will be auctioned off and sold as a fixed supply asset. These TERRA are not fixed to set coordinates, and will float above the ground, in the eyeline of all.

These TERRA assets will offer investors unique earning potential, either passive or active, through a myriad of avenues:

Owners of TERRA can build social experiences - hosting exclusive social events or showcasing art, music & entertainment, offering the host the ability to either sell off tickets or orchestrate brand partnerships.

TERRA owners can set up pier-to-pier trading and commerce on their TERRA, offering goods and services to other users in exchange for other assets or native ERC20 tokens.

TERRA owners can either advertise their own businesses, or rent their land to entities that do (either personally, or through hiring an external advertising service and negotiating profit share.)

TERRA owners can also choose to sublet their TERRA to companies or individuals, in exchange for profit share of what income is generated on it - in doing so, this will allow the user to monetise their TERRA if they themselves do not wish to operate it.

We will also allow the owner of the TERRA the ability to assign smart contract or API calls to assets on their TERRA, affording them unprecedented flexibility to interact with the internet and blockchain directly through their TERRA, such as send telegram messages, check stock market prices, do contests or giveaways, add tokens to a liquidity pool, governance voting, staking, online shopping, live streaming and more.

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