8. Business Model

8.1. Monetization

10% of the donated amount from the Climate Fee will be retained in native tokens. Native tokens are then used to buy $BRKL tokens and distributed to token holders that stake and platform users, and used for token burn.
This means that, unlike many carbon offsetting schemes and charities, 90% of money will be spent on planting trees, renewable energy project financing, and e-waste offsets. Typical climate offset projects have marketing and fundraising overheads eclipsing 20%-30% of all donated money. Due to the decentralised nature of Brokoli and leveraging our partners’ expertise, we will be able to cut operational costs and be unprecedentedly efficient.
Brokoli Fee Flow

8.2. Growth Model

DeFi markets are growing exponentially already; however, we conclude that growth without ensuring sustainability will only result in short-term results. To work in line with the global DeFi adoption, Brokoli will steadily onboard new platforms and expand the climate community. As our product is suitable for all DeFi projects, we have developed a complex strategy to target diverse groups and marketing/sales channels. Our primary focus areas will be:
  • Product/Token
  • Business Development
  • Early Adoption Incentives
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate and referrals


Highly correlated tokenomics - product success, with its ability to empower holders to participate in the decision-making process of choosing the right carbon offset projects as well as receive rewards in $BRKL tokens for staking or participating in voting.

Business Development

Being focused on DeFi platforms, we see partnerships and integrations with existing and upcoming exchanges, wallets, and marketplaces to be one of the biggest growth sources for the project. We will be dedicating part of the team to sales and business development to talk to as many existing and newly established DeFi projects to work with us in integrating Brokoli’s API.

Early Adoption Incentives

To facilitate early adoption, Brokoli will provide incentives, such as tokens for projects that join early. Having the ability to test our API with several smaller projects, we will arrive at an increasingly efficient API integration with future DeFi platforms.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the main access gate to a broader reach of the right audience in the crypto world, as trust is one of the industry's critical values. Our goal is to cooperate with climate-aware influencers who have proved their integrity and understanding of digital assets and environmental problems around blockchain. Such personalities usually have an enormous following and can motivate many of their followers to use diverse products.