What Is The Green Metaverse

The Green Metaverse is a web3 PC immersive, climate-positive, play-to-earn metaverse experience, for windows and mac.

The primary goal of the project is to create a fully decentralised world and economy that can run self-sufficiently, promoting socialising, playing and earning, all whilst offsetting its carbon footprint and rewarding its community for taking positive climate action.
Make no mistake, we are making history - this is the first ever Green Metaverse.
The Green Metaverse features a 100% player-owned economy. Players stake, compete and collaborate with our native tokens to yield gains, also making this metaverse play to earn. Its anonymous player base is the determining factor of not only how this metaverse functions but how rich the experience is.
Brokoli has set specific rules as to how the Green Metaverse & its economy functions, however it is both the communities’ and their individual player’s decisions that augment and dictate how the Green Metaverse takes shape and evolves.
In-world NFT assets are minted by players using in-game resources ($BRKL) as well as in-game rewards and can be sold to other players for profit. Brokoli’s Green Metaverse serves as a real digital economy of tokenized game assets.