Earning $BRKL through minigames

As mentioned above, our Green Metaverse will boast a variety of play to earn minigames.

Hone & practice your skills in PvE situations, before testing your might against rival players in head to head PvP competitions. Players will wage $BRKL and/or in-game assets against each other, with the victor taking the spoils - 5% of the spoils will be taken and split between token burning & ‘green fees’ (which will directly go to funding our climate projects). Different minigames will require different levels and different minimum bets, ensuring that players of relative equal skill are pitted against each other.

As you continue to grow, play and explore new worlds, you will earn experience points that will lead to you levelling up.

Levelling up will result in unlocking new minigames and challenges, as well as exclusive NFT drops - essentially, the more trees you plant, the higher level you’ll reach.

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