In-World Assets

Pets: In-world pets that BROs can have as companions, each of which offers different perks in-world. BROs will have to trade $BRKL in-world for consumable assets to keep their sprouts well fed and watered. Failure to do this after a period of time will result in their sprout running away and returning to the wild (NFT is frozen).

Consumables: Consumable NFTs such as minigame boosts, food for your pets, and more, can be traded at the NFT Farmer’s Market. Once used, these NFTs will be frozen and stored in the DAO Treasury to be recirculated & sold again.

Utility Assets & Accessories: Users will have access to a wide plethora of in-game accessories for their BROs, sprouts & treehouses, as well as larger items such as different vehicles. Some of these will be purely cosmetic, while others will offer utility such as increased gameplay stats or increased yield in LP farms.

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