NFT Habitats

NFT Habitats: Like all games, the Green Metaverse has map expansions for you to explore.

Each world will offer new and exciting opportunities to stake, play and earn; each more exciting than the last. Now having said this, access to these worlds is not a given. They are conditional on world passes, unique to each habitat, and can be purchased in-world on our NFT Marketplace. On the other hand, if you are a member of the Generation 0 BRO Club, you are afforded immediate access to these new and exciting worlds affording you instant access to prize pools & play to earn opportunities. The degree of rarity that your BRO holds will dictate which habitats you are allowed immediate access to, the most lucrative being saved for the holders of the rarest BROs. In this way, we are able to create scarcity, and significant value, for our Generation 0 club members. Travelling from world to world will cost a small fee, to be divided between token burning and ‘green fees’.
A break down of our Green Metaverse is as follows:

Earth: Where your BRO will first be introduced to its green new world.

Mars NFT Habitat Ticket [Price: 10,000 x $BRKL]

Mars is the first extension to the Green Metaverse — also known as ‘The Land of Elon Musk’. While there are still doubters of whether there is life on Mars, you will be able to bring life to Mars yourself. In the Mars NFT Marketplace, you will be able to buy the first pet of your BRO: the Martian. Fittingly for the Land of Elon Musk, Tesla or Elon-related activities on social media will grant you bounties.

Moon NFT Habitat Ticket [Price: 20,000 x $BRKL]

Going to the moon is the only purpose crypto traders have. It is only right that the Moon NFT Habitat is the ‘Land of the Traders’. On the moon, you will find Moon-native LP farms, where $BRKL holders will get a hefty bonus to their staking APY. Traders will also be able to publish chart analyses and receive research rewards from fellow traders. Moon is also home base to the winners of our MoonieNFT collaboration.

Neptune NFT Habitat Ticket [Price: 30,000 x $BRKL]

Neptune is both a planet and Roman God of freshwater. As water is necessary for the growth of your NFT Forest, it may be called ‘the Land of NFTrees’. Neptune inhabitants will benefit from different boosts to their NFT Forest growth. As Forests can be bought and sold, this will act as yet another play-to-earn opportunity. Neptune will also feature water sport-themed minigames to maximise your earnings. Besides that, you’ll be able to decorate your BRO and NFT Forest with Neptune-exclusive items and tree species.

Jupiter NFT Habitat Ticket [Price: 10,000 x $BRKL]

Jupiter is the fourth NFT Habitat — also known as ‘The Land of King BRO’. Jupiter features an NFT Marketplace with limited access items exclusive to King BRO. Also, as Jupiter is the largest NFT Habitat in the Green Metaverse, members will be able to expand their Forest faster. As a result, holders of the Jupiter NFT will have increased DAO vote power on Brokoli Climate Fund distribution.

Saturn NFT Habitat Ticket [Price: 20,000 x $BRKL]

Saturn was named after the Roman God of Wealth — and for good reason. Within the Green Metaverse, Saturn is known as the ‘Land of Guilds’. Saturn is mostly known for the rings around it. Indeed, rings will be very important for players on Saturn. Rings will expand with time and will be sold in a Guild auction to allow for Guild scholars to play in a PvE environment. The revenue from Saturn ring land sales will be distributed among Saturn NFT owners as a bounty.

Venus NFT Habitat Ticket [Price: 30,000 x $BRKL]

Venus was named after the Roman goddess of Love and Beauty, and is called ‘The Land of Love’ in the Green Metaverse. Current staking is only open for Generation 0 BROs — but this is only the start of many generations to come. Further Generations will be produced by breeding and will take place on Venus. Venus NFT holders will have a chance to either breed their own BROs or capitalise on selling BROs to players living in other Habitats of the Green Metaverse. As a result, Venus is set to become the NFT hub of the Green Metaverse, crucial to welcoming new players and increasing yield for the existing players.