The BRO Club

NFT Marketplace

NFTs are limited and can be sold for profit, making the BRO Club a play-to-earn metaverse. All in-game assets are NFTs: from BROs themselves, which are an ERC-721 standard token, to collectibles, which are ERC-1155 standard tokens. All NFTs will be hosted on the Polygon network, making transactions fast and available to all, preparing the BRO Club for scaling.
As an example, in the marketplace you can buy outfits, or you can enable tossing paper planes instead of broccoli. You can also buy pets, and even BROs from the collaborations/metaverse integrations that Brokoli does with other NFT/metaverse projects.

NFT Forest

The BROrest Forest where you can walk and build a treehouse. The size of your house depends on how many trees you have planted with our Green DeFi products. The amount of trees you've planted is reflected in the size of your BROrest Forest and the size of your treehouse. Also, for each tree planted, you level up and this is reflected in the global leaderboard.

NFT Habitats

Like all games, the BRO Club has map expansions for you to explore. These can be treated like separate clubs: each club has its own status and its own citizens. While all citizens in the metaverse are equal, some will be more equal than others because they will have “VIP access” to areas unattainable for less equal BROs. Habitats will give you access to the Moon, Mars, Venus, and other places.


More exclusive NFT drops will be available only after you've reached a certain level - the more trees you plant, the higher your level.

$BRKL Burn

Lastly, all BRKL used to purchase in-game currency or NFTs will be burned.
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