Enter the BRO Club. To enter, you’ll need a key. Your BRO is your key. And while all BROs are equal, some BROs are more equal than others, so choose yours wisely.
The BRO Club will act as a tokenized, decentralized forum of socialisation for Web 3.0, with $BRKL at its core. In this world, you build status based on your positive impact -- the amount of NFTrees that you hold. To get NFTrees, you can:
i) use Brokoli’s products to plant trees
ii) buy the trees of other players

The BRO Club serves the $BRKL community in the following ways:

1) Socialise
2) Advertise
3) Earn
4) Play
Heavily inspired by the success of Club Penguin, we aim to recreate that spirit in the blockchain world, attracting millions of users.
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