Core Features


Socialise with other BROs in our open 2D world. The chat function allows interacting with anyone you meet. Like the golden age of Facebook poking, use the broccoli ends on your BROs head to throw broccoli at other BROs in the metaverse to grab their attention. Participate in events, or become an organizer of an event yourself. Grow a companion pet that will follow you around the metaverse.
As you build impact, you increase the fame of your BRO in the metaverse, drawing everyone’s eyes towards you. You move up the ranks on the global leaderboard until eventually you become #1. As you’re entered into the Hall of Fame, various opportunities present themselves. Use these opportunities to earn.


Build a forest of NFTrees. Sell your NFTrees to other BROs or to Brokoli Impact Credit clients who seek decentralized alternatives to corporate social responsibility. Trade your NFTrees to $BRKL and earn.


Participate in mini games where you can earn our in-game currency to buy collectible NFTs like outfits, accessories, and other items. Alternatively, you can acquire in-game currency with $BRKL tokens to save time and to move up the ranks of the metaverse faster.
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